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Washington Post Endorses Senator Wexton

The Washington Post has endorsed Jennifer for reelection on Nov. 3:

"District 33: Sen. Jennifer Wexton, a Democrat who won a special election last year to replace Mark Herring, who ran successfully for attorney general, has been a breath of fresh air in Richmond — the lone prosecutor and female lawyer among Democrats in the General Assembly. She’s off to an auspicious start, having sponsored constructive bills to clarify mothers’ rights to breast-feed their babies in public and to make cases against pedophiles easier to prosecute. The Republican candidate, Stephen Hollingshead, a management consultant, argues that Virginia’s taxes and regulation impose a crippling burden on Virginia’s economy. In fact, the state’s tax and regulatory burdens are relatively low, as is its jobless rate."

You can see the full Washington Post endorsement editorial, including their endorsements of Jennifer's friends Dr. Jill McCabe and Jeremy McPike, here: