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Senator Wexton Opposes I-66 Tolls Plan

Senator Jennifer Wexton expressed her strong opposition to plans to impose tolls on I-66 yesterday. First, Senator Wexton sent a letter to Secretary of Transportation Aubrey Layne in which she detailed her opposition. The letter, which can be found here, describes a variety of concerns and problems with the tolling plan. These include: the existing financial burdens of the Dulles Greenway and Dulles Toll Road, for which many Loudoun commuters already pay in excess of $17 per day, with no carpooling exception available; the omission in the VDOT plan of any requirement to increase I-66 capacity through additional lanes; the potential adverse impact of I-66 tolls on Dulles Airport; and the complete failure to enforce existing HOV-2 requirements on I-66 during rush hours.

Yesterday evening, Senator Wexton was among the first to speak out against the tolls and the I-66 plan at a public forum in Ashburn. The meeting, including Senator Wexton's public opposition to the tolls, was detailed in the Washington Post and Leesburg Today.